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3 Annoying Refrigerator Problems – Causes and Solutions Explained

Water leakage, freezer ice buildup, ice maker not working! These are the common annoying refrigerator problems you have heard a lot.  A refrigerator is one of the essential appliances in our house kitchen. 

It plays an important role to keep our food fresh and preserved. No one can imagine a life without a refrigerator and we can’t use it this way. In this blog, we will be discussing the three annoying refrigerator problems and solutions.

Problem 1: Water Leakage Problem

Having a small pool of water under your refrigerator? If you are facing this problem, then this is not a good sign. It is a common problem and can be solved easily. The two reasons behind refrigerator water leakage problem and solutions are mentioned below:

Reason 1: Blocked defrost drain is the common reason behind the water leakage issue. This will happen when food particles or other debris clogs the drain hose which leads to ice buildup and water leak outs from a refrigerator or freezer.

Solution: Flush the drain from inside the freezer using warm water. To forcefully remove the clog, use a pipe cleaner or straightened coat hanger. If the problem still exists, then manual removal of debris at the end of the drain hose will be done. For this, pull your refrigerator out and identify the defrost drain hose at the below back service panel. The hose will be having a rubber check valve that will regulate humidity and catch debris. Use hot water and soap to clean the valve and reinstall the vale again.

Reason 2: With the passage of time, a clogged or frozen water supply will cause fridge leaking water. This problem will be affecting the ice production from the ice maker. It will also slow or stop water flow from the dispenser. 

Solution: Unplug your refrigerator and find the shut-off valve. In the majority of cases, it is located underneath the sink, behind or below the refrigerator in the basement. Ensure that the valve is closed and check for any leaks, clog, or kinks in the plastic supply line.

In case of any break or tear in the line, replacement of the water supply line needs to be done. Mostly, this line is a nylon tube with threaded compression fitting on both ends. Furthermore, if the water line is intact and you are having a translucent blockage, then ice will be the culprit here. For this, unplug the refrigerator for two hours to remove the clog. If the problem still exists, then get instant appliance repair on Cape Cod from trained technicians of the Cape Cod Appliance Service.

Problem 2: Ice Buildup in Freezer

Having a lot of ice accumulation in your freezer? There is definitely something wrong. The three reasons behind this issue and the solutions are below:

Reason 1: Keeping your freezer open for a long time will raise the humidity inside the freezer that results in frost and ice buildup. Wondering, how to prevent ice buildup in the freezer? 

Solution: To resolve the problem, pull the refrigerator out from the wall and lean refrigerator back far enough with the help of a person to reach the two front pedestal feet. Next, loosen the fridge feet a few turns by unscrewing them. This ensures that a door close on its own and the water is properly drained from the freezer and refrigerator. If the problem still exists, then you might have a malfunctioned defrost time.

Reason 2: Faulty seal will result in unwanted frost.

Solution: First, clean the seal around the inside of the freezer door with the help of warm soap and washcloth. Use a towel for drying the seal and surrounding areas close to the freezer. If this is not working, then the installation of the new gasket will be done. For this, be aware of your model number. With the number, the purchase of a specific gasket according to your refrigerator model will be easy. To install a new gasket, unplug the refrigerator. Next, you need to lift the edge of the old gasket and use a screwdriver for removing all the screws. After removing the old gasket, install the new one. Place all your food back in the freezer and plug the refrigerator again.

Reason 3: Too many items against the rear freezer will block the airflow that results in frost build-up.

Solution: Clear all the food packages placed close to the rear freezer or blocking freezer vents.

Problem 3: Continuous Running

Thinking, how often should a refrigerator run? Mostly the new energy-efficient refrigerator runs 80 to 90% of the time. Note that the run time varies according to the refrigerator model and size. If your refrigerator is noisy, then this can lead to costly repairs. Additionally, a refrigerator consumes a good amount of electricity. So, a non-stop running refrigerator will increase your energy bills. The two reasons behind this fault with their solutions are as follows:

Reason 1: The first reason behind the refrigerator running is the accumulation of dust and debris around your condenser coils. This problem will be common if you are living in an extra dusty environment or having pets in your house.

Solution: Unplug your refrigerator from AC power. In the majority of the refrigerator, the condenser coils are located on the bottom and typically accessed in front or back. For accessing the coils, look at the grill and remove it by popping out the snaps. Utilize a vacuum cleaner for the removal of buildup. In case of leftover debris, use a brush or wipe cloth for gentle removing of remaining debris. Once done, then replace the grill and plug your refrigerator again.

Reason 2: By setting refrigerator temperature too low will cause your refrigerator to work more. This will lead to the freezing and spoiling of your foods.

Solution: Set your refrigerator between 37- and 40-degrees Fahrenheit. To check the temperature, place a thermometer within a glass and place glass on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. 

Let it sit for 8 hours. Note that you have to periodically adjust the temperature setting on a refrigerator and slowly bring it to the desired temperature. If the problem still exists, then you need to contact professionals. The expert will be analyzing the defective part like thermostat, condenser, sensor or a fan motor.


Hope now you are aware of the annoying problems in your refrigerator, their causes, and solutions. No matter what, either the problem is regarding washing machine drainage, oven not turning on, fridge ice maker troubleshooting, or anything else, the competent technicians of Cape Cod Appliance Service will fix all.

Get instant appliance repair service at your doorstep by calling at (508) 888-2400.

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