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6 Things to Consider Before Calling Same Day Service Appliance Repair

We, at Cape Cod Appliance Repair, understand that appliances may break down or malfunction at any given time. Hence, to repair them instantly, we offer same day service appliance repair that can be called in from any region of Cape Cod via our 24/7 emergency answering service. However, before we rush out to help our clients, we advise that you go through this checklist to ensure that you really need our assistance.

This checklist will help you check off basic necessary steps for your appliance. If none of these is the actual issue, we will swoop in to save the day! Here’s the list:

Check the Connections and Pipes

The funny quote and method, ‘have you tried turning it off and on?’ is actually very useful when it comes to appliances. Often times, there is a possibility that the appliance may not even be plugged in, especially if it is behind the appliance or a cabinet. Ensure that the appliance is properly plugged in, switched on and getting electricity. For appliances that use water, make sure that the water supply is turned on. If there’s still a problem, you might need dishwasher repair, washing machine repair, etc.

Inspect the Electricity Breakers

Another common issue that does not require the expertise of skilled technicians is if the breaker is tripping. If this continues, you may need to call in an expert electrician to locate the cause and remedy it. When a breaker is faulty, the appliance itself cannot be blamed for not working. However, before it trips, the electricity might blow up the appliance fuse which can be easily replaced on your own.

Close and Seal Doors and Lids

For refrigerators and freezers, we have often seen that the doors and lids are kept ajar. There is somewhat of a gap or a leak that lets the cool air, in case of a refrigerators, and lets the warm air, in case of dryers, to escape from within the appliance. In such a case, a simple practice of ensuring that all doors and lids are properly closed and sealed will save you a lot of money. If the gaskets are broken or cracked, you may need to replace them. We offer the best refrigerator, freezer, wine storage, chiller, dryer and Sub Zero repair in the region.

Use Recommended Products

Dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and similar cleaning appliances always recommend a certain type and brand of detergent to be used. Always read up on the manufacturer recommendations before putting in the wrong type of detergent. Your detergent may be affordable but it might cost you even more money when you have to get your dishwasher or washing machine repaired.

Troubleshoot with Owner Manual

All manufacturers always pack in the owner manual in the original packaging. This booklet/leaflet has a lot of useful information regarding the appliance, be it precautions, execution, direction and even safety. Keep the owner manual with you because you might need it along the way. It will have directions for troubleshooting small issues such as wrong temperature, light indicator blinks, etc. The DIY solutions in the manual will save you the trouble of calling in experts. If you lose the manual, go to the manufacturer website, crunch in your appliance model number and download the manual instantly.

Repair Costs More Than Replacement

There are many appliances out there which are far more expensive to repair than to replace anew. These include countertop microwaves, high-end appliances, one-time exclusive appliance models, etc. It is better and cheaper to simply replace them with new models, even if from a different make, than to repair the issue. Novelty appliances have spare parts that are harder to find and even costlier to buy. Hence, only opt for oven repair after guidance from appliance repair experts.

After this checklist, if you still think you require same day service appliance repair, then feel free to call us any time at (508) 888-2400.

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