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A Helpful Guide for Food Storage in Refrigerator

Appliances have provided limitless benefits to mankind. The appliances are the result of advancement in technology. Today many household tasks are completed by a number of appliances. They have definitely increased the productivity and have lessened the time required to perform a task. A refrigerator is most used appliances in the house. Appliances require maintenance and service to make their lifespan longer. If left unchecked for a longer period can cause a problem in functioning and later leading to malfunctioning. Sometimes in case of emergency, you need quick service so if you are resident of Cape Cod, then you can contact companies to get same day service for your appliance.

Keeping food in the refrigerator should be proper manner to avoid unfavorable circumstances. Every part of a refrigerator has his own role. A refrigerator can be divided into two compartments which are further divided for placing things. A guidance regarding this and reason for organizing the food is mentioned ahead:


The shelves in a refrigerator are divided into three portions which include top, medium, and bottom shelf.

  • Top Shelf

The food that has to be used regularly or you have to eat should be placed in this portion. This portion requires cold temperature and proper air circulation for better functioning.

Medium Shelf

This section of the refrigerator is best for storing dairy products that include yogurt, milk, creams and eggs. It is the coldest compartment of the refrigerator so it is better to place eggs in the carton to preserve their taste.

Bottom Shelf

This section should be filled with fish, raw meats and chicken. Placing them here will eliminate the chances of their juices to fall on other foods and it will avoid contamination. Get same day service appliance repair to have instant checking of your appliance by trained technicians.


A refrigerator has two drawers to place the variety of food:

  • Down Drawer

This part is best for storing meat, cheese etc. as it requires little air circulation. After using the food, wrap it in plastic foil to prevent air from entering to accelerate decomposition.

  • Bottom Drawer

This part is perfect for storing the fruits and vegetable as it has higher temperature and humidity which helps to maintain their taste and texture.

Organizing Food

A refrigerator is of great use as they preserve food and keep it fresh. Proper placing of the thing is necessary to avoid cross-contamination. If pathogen develops inside food they can pass from one item to other item leading to food deterioration. So, to avoid such situation organize the food properly.

Refrigerators require maintenance and service to keep the things in perfect condition. They are electronic devices which can get out of order anytime. Sometimes due to lack of timely service, it gets malfunctioned even high end manufactured Subzero refrigerator. If you are living in Cape Cod and looking for Sub Zero repair through the hands of factory trained and skilled workers you can get in touch with different companies, select one after your satisfaction to get productive results.

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