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An Important Checklist to Tick Off Before You Calling Appliance Repair Service

Every appliance has a certain limit to its usage and age, after which, it requires maintenance and repair. If you keep this maintenance cycle smooth and timely, your appliances will give you the utmost efficiency that you expect. However, in scenarios where you want same day service appliance repair, be sure to call on professional technicians, such as Cape Cod Appliance Service. Without the proper skill and knowledge, you won’t be able to get the best, quality service in minimal time.

Here’s what to check before you call in professionals to repair your appliances:

  • Check whether the appliance is connected properly or not. If it isn’t plugged in securely into the outlet, it won’t work. In case of dishwashers, washing machines, etc., secure the water supply. Ensure that all plumbing fixtures are working properly and that there are no clogged drains.


  • Recheck the electricity connection at the electricity outlet, appliance end, fuse box and/or breaker. If it is merely a tripped breaker, you may be able to replace it on your own, given you take proper safety precautions. If the breaker is tripping consistently, it may be feasible to call an electrician to check the wiring and electricity supply.


  • For refrigerators, freezers, chillers and other closed-door appliances, ensure that the lids and doors are properly shut. Even a tiny leak within the gasket will adversely affect the efficiency of the appliance and prevent it from maintaining the desired temperature. Make sure the appliance isn’t fully loaded or completely empty.


  • Dishwashers and washing machines are similar to refrigerators and freezers in terms of doors and lids. If not properly shut, they will not work to their maximum capacity. In some of the newer appliances, proper functioning is impossible until the door or lid is completely closed.


  • For washing machines, always used the manufacturer’s recommended detergents and soaps. Using the wrong type may cost you a lot of bucks down the road. A foamy and bubbly soap will surely leave behind undesired residue in the pipes/hoses while creating unnecessary bubbles at the end of every cycle. Olive oil can be used to sort out this issue. Check online to know how to do it properly.


  • Read owner manual carefully. If misplaced check company to get it. The manual provides general troubleshooting tips and operating guidance for the user. Read it carefully to know about the capacity of the appliance and things that are forbidden. Ignoring instruction can result in malfunctioning of an appliance.


  • Always keep the owner manual safe. It is very easy to misplace it. Don’t worry, all the current appliances have their manuals uploaded on the manufacturer’s official website. It helps in guidance on operating the appliance and even troubleshooting it in case of a breakdown. Carefully read the manual to know the exact capacity of your appliance before overworking it. If you ignore the instructions, it may cause the appliance to malfunction.


Appliances require proper care and timely maintenance. If you deprive them of this basic service, you will end up will dead, malfunctioning or broken-down appliances. If you want to get the best same day service appliance repair for yourself, you can get in touch with Cape Cod Appliance Service. We offer Sub Zero repair and so much more.

For more details on same day service appliance repair, call us at (508) 888-2400.

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