Ovens are an important part of your restaurant or home kitchen. So it should work properly all the time to avoid food delays. That’s why it is important to tackle oven issues as soon as possible otherwise it can result in business losses. In this article, we will give solutions for the most common commercial oven problems. Moreover, you will also about when it’s the right time to call in the expert’s team to check in your commercial oven repair and fix the appliance.

  1. Oven is not Heating Up

When the oven is not heating that could be due to a damaged thermostat. So in case, you have a gas oven check the igniter to make sure it’s working properly. Either the oven that gets extremely hot or the one that doesn’t get hot enough is provoking in its own way. 


Before you contact the oven repair team check whether the electric elements are working properly. However, if you are using a gas oven test each burner to see whether they are getting enough gas. So if you are electric oven doesn’t show any lights or you gas burners is not Lightening. The solution is to call in expert electric oven repair professionals to get the repair done quickly.

  1. Pilot Light Doesn’t Stay On

A damaged safety valve or thermocouple will make the oven pilot light keep switching off or keep going on and off. You will need to call the best commercial oven repair team to address the issue as this is a strong trouble sign. The professional will replace the defective thermocouple or safety valve. You should also be aware of 5 reasons why you need a professional appliance repair service. However, in some ovens, the thermocouple is connected to the safety valve. this will mean the complete safety valve has to be replaced. 

  1. The Oven Not Heating to the Correct Temperature

If your microwave oven is taking longer than usual to bake or cook food. Sometimes the ovens fail to reach the chosen temperature due to a defective sensor which results in the oven not heating to the exact temperature. A temperature sensor touching the wall of the oven also causes the oven not to reach the chosen temperature.


Call in the best microwave oven repair professionals in Cape Cod and let them repair or replace the sensor. The technician will also make sure the sensor is not touching the wall of the oven and then revamp the sensor to ensure it’s working fine. You can also take advantage of same day service by cape cod appliance service throughout all the towns on Cape Cod.

  1. Cooking Food Unevenly

The main cause of uneven cooking is defective heating elements or the temperature sensors of the oven. You can simply notice this by your food is toasted better in one area than the other. Moreover, if the thermostat of your oven has been replaced in recent times, it could cause uneven food cooking. The thermostat has clips that grasp the bulb into place and if not placed in the right manner the oven will cook unevenly.


To make sure whether it’s working properly, preheat the oven and inspect whether the heating elements are glowing. The resistance of the temperature sensor must rise as the temperature of the oven increases. If the elements and sensors are not operational, you should call in the expert commercial oven repair expert to replace them. Make sure the racks and the cookware are positioned in the right way as this can also cause the uneven cooking of food.

  1. Oven Won’t Turn On

In case even after receiving the power supply, your commercial oven won’t turn on. At first, check whether the wire is doing ok. Otherwise, the oven may have a defective thermal fuse. Following the maintenance schedule will help stop the oven from further breakdown. While maintenance, the specialists can check whether the oven is working well, and repairs are done beforehand. 


Make sure that the oven is cleaned on daily basis and schedule a complete all to all cleaning once a month. Make sure the employees know how the oven works. It’s helpful to guide the employees on how the oven works. This will help them know when the oven is not working normally and makes it easy to understand how to handle and clean the oven. The oven buttons are sensitive parts to avoid them from breaking make sure they are handled by experts.

  1. The Oven Door Won’t Shut

If a microwave oven door won’t shut properly then it isn’t safe for use. It can cause uneven cooking and stops the oven to reach the desired temperature. So in case you are facing a similar problem. Follow these simple steps to fix it. At first, unplug the switch or turn off the gas, if you are using a gas model. Then pull the door straight up and out to remove it. If it won’t pull up, make sure to unscrew any screws holding the joints in place inside the oven. Inspect the joints or broken door springs and replace them if necessary. 

Slide out the lower drawer and look below the oven to see the door springs. Get rid of any broken springs with pliers. You can also replace the silicone or rubber gasket around the door. In case, the oven door still won’t shut, the door sensor may need to be replaced.

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  1. The Oven Won’t Self-Clean

there is nothing worse than your self-cleaning oven won’t self-clean? Here’s what you can do if your self-cleaning cycle is not working. First, make sure you have started the cycle correctly. Set timers and knobs properly. Lower your expectations from the automation. Some large spills inside the oven will leave a layer of ash that will always require manual cleaning.

Somehow If you’re still facing the issues with the self-cleaning cycle, it’s time to call in an expert repairman. These repairmen can replace the door lock motor, control board, thermostat, or any other component rather than buying a new unit. See full guide. Replacing the components that are stopping your oven from running the self-cleaning cycle is a much more cost-effective option. However appliance repairs are never fun but with a little bit of appropriate knowledge, you can solve many common oven problems on your own. Your home warranty can take care of the rest.

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The commercial oven plays an important role in the success of your restaurant business. So it becomes more important to ensure it’s working well always. Make sure the maintenance schedule given by the commercial appliance repair Cape Cod is followed carefully to keep the oven working for a long. If you notice that the oven has a problem, Contact Us immediately to avoid any irreparable damage. Even though there are simple DIY hacks for these common commercial oven problems. It’s always a good idea to schedule a maintenance program with our trained professionals to reduce your oven downtime and save you bucks in the long run. Still, if you want to do it as DIY; here are 5 easy appliance repair prevention hacks you definitely can do effortlessly.