Gas vs Electric Dryer | Which is Better for your Cape Cod Home?

You just can’t realize the importance of a dryer until it stops working. Not having a functional dryer, can cause you to hand wash and air dry clothes yourself. We are assured that this conflict will make you realize the importance of having a fully functional dryer at home. If you are looking to buy a new dryer instead of utilizing the dryer repair service. You can select from an electric dryer or either a gas dryer. This is the hardest part about buying a brand new dryer. Many people don’t even know, which type of dryer will be best for them.

Don’t Worry, Cape Cod Appliances have got you covered with an issue regarding appliance maintenance and repair. We will also make the dryer choice easy for you and share some tips to make sure you choose the correct dryer. A dryer that matches a washing machine for your laundry room to avoid costly and timely ordering mistakes.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to detect what type of dryer you currently have. Moreover, we will also cover up the efficiency and cost differences among electric and gas dryers. Firstly, finalize the type of dryer you want from a gas or electric dryer. Both of these require different stores, have different levels of efficiency, and comparatively have a different price range. This guide will help you break down the factors you should consider before buying a dryer.

Gas Dryer

Despite its name, a gas dryer requires electricity to power the lights, controls, and fan. However, the heating section requires gas. This means you’ll need a custom home vent and a nearby gas hookup. A gas dryer uses electricity, but less than an electric dryer. Yet, it may take around five years for the energy savings to counter the usually higher cost paid while buying a gas dryer. This factor rest on your local gas and electricity prices. Moreover, a gas dryer may be more expensive to uphold.

There is also the issue of safety. Both types of dryers, like all appliances, pose minor safety risks that are negligible if they’re used properly and in good working order. However, gas dryers do carry additional safety hazards. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a gas dryer will dry a load of laundry in approximately half the time of an electric dryer.

Pros of Gas Dryers

  • More energy sufficient than electric dryers
  • Dries maximum of laundry more quickly
  • Uses a typical electrical outlet

Cons of Gas Dryers

  • Needs a gas hookup 
  • Must be placed near a vent that goes to the outdoor of the home
  • Often more expensive than an equivalent electric dryer

Electric dryers can’t be plugged into standard 110-120 volt household vents. As an alternative, you’ll need a 240-volt outlet. If you’re looking for an electric dryer repair service, this won’t be a big deal. However, if you don’t have a dryer until now and are constructing a new laundry area, it’s something you’ll have to consider. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a vent to the outdoors you’ll need an electric ventless dryer. However, electric ventless dryers take even longer to run and require even more electricity.

Electric dryers are less effective than gas dryers because they consume time to heat up and don’t get as hot. Eventually, that means it will take more time and electricity to dry clothes. This will raise your energy bills in the long run, even if the electric dryer costs less upfront than an equivalent gas dryer. Over around five years, the costs should even out (depending on energy and gas costs in your area), and that’s the point at which an electric dryer will probably start to cost more over its life expectancy.

That said, electric dryers are normally inexpensive and easier to maintain than gas dryers. Plus, a lot of looking after tasks, such as changing belts and filters, can be done with minimal DIY skills. The safety risks of electric dryers are also nominal – about the same as any foremost electric appliance.

Pros of Electric Dryers

  • More varieties to select from
  • Cheaper to buy upfront
  • It may be possible to fix yourself

Cons of Electric Dryers

  • Requires a 240-volt outlet
  • Drying laundry lots takes more time
  • Uses more electricity

Which Dryers Cost More: Gas or Electric?

Prices for a new dryer can be divided into two sections: cost of purchase and maintenance costs. In general, gas dryers are more costly upfront but reduce electricity bills over time. The sad thing is that gas dryer appliance repair is more expensive than electric dryers. If you’re paralleling a gas dryer and an electric dryer from the same style or brand. A gas dryer will normally cost $100 more front cost. You can check the price difference yourself from the famous brands; LG, Whirlpool. They are whole a lot of brands that provide quality gas or electric dryer. Moreover, you are also welcome to rely on our expertise if you are looking for any type of gas or electric dryer repair service.

A gas dryer can also cost you additional installation charges if you need to install a natural gas or propane line. Gas pipelines are usually required in older homes, as they were only equipped with electric connections. The gas dryer will also require expert installation by a certified plumber to ensure there are no gas leaks. Even if some stores offer installation agreements for a newly purchased dryer. For an electric dryer, you’ll need to have a permitted electrician for installing a 240-volt vent. If you don’t already have one. Otherwise, you just need to plug in the dryer and hook up the vent.

A gas dryer practically uses half the amount of electricity compared to an electric one. This fact significantly makes gas dryers more energy-efficient. However, a gas dryer can cost more to uphold because it should be repaired by a registered company in Cape Cod. You’ll have to pay the going rate for a service call to your home.  An electric dryer is commonly simpler to service, and basic maintenance can be done by a skillful homeowner by buying new parts from the best home improvement store in Cape Cod.

Which Is Easier to Install: Gas or Electric Dryers?

Both dryers have different installation requirements. A gas clothes dryer needs a gas hookup and even a simple electrical plug-in. Whereas an electric dryer wants a special 240-volt outlet. Both require an opening running outside to the home’s HVAC system except the dryer is a ventless electric model. The simplest method to figure out is to simply look at which dryer you already have in case you have one. If your current dryer has only an electrical line, it’s an electric model. If it’s hooked up to plumbing, it’s a gas model.

However, if you have decided to change the type to buy a new dryer, or buy a dryer for the first time. The first thing you need to see is what hookups are presently available in your laundry space. If you want to install a gas line, call your local gas utility company. you want to install a 240-volt outlet, call a licensed electrician. If you still, didn’t get it to contact us, we are always here to answer every question you may have about Cape Cod appliance services.

Once you got the required connections, it’s recommended to install the dryer from an expert of a licensed company. It is preferred to ensure that the connections are secure and there are no gas leaks while installing a gas dryer. In the case of an electric dryer, it’s as simple as adding the outlet and plugging it in. If you’re not familiar with the process, you can always call us at (508) 888-2400 to get an expert electrician for installing your electric dryer.

Which Is Easier to Maintain: Gas or Electric Dryers?

An electric dryer is usually cheaper to maintain than a gas one. This is because gas dryer repairs should always be performed by a qualified technician. Repairing a gas dryer yourself, always have the danger of a gas leak, which puts the house and its occupants in threat.

When you consider it for a long run one on one; it can be fairly easy to maintain and repair an electric dryer. Their parts are readily available in the market and are easy to access and replace. Of course, a homeowner who prefers to call an electric dryer repair service prefers this option.

Which Is Safer: Gas or Electric Dryers?

Both types of dryers can give safety hazards that can be lessened with proper installation & maintenance. It is worth it to note that safety worries about gas and electric dryers apply pretty much to every major home appliance. So take precautions every time while using a machine hooked up to your home’s electricity and gas channels.

Electricity can cause fires, however, that risk can be dealt with with proper precautions. According to the Cape Cod Fire Administration, best practices comprise proper installation, ensuring the wiring is in upright condition, cleaning the dryer, emptying the lint filter according to manufacturer guidelines. Moreover, not exceeding the dryer’s suggested capacity, and keeps the surroundings neat and clean from dust.

Gas-powered dryers can give you an additional hazard. First, if the natural gas line leaks, which causes a risk of fire or poisoning. Gas dryers also produce poisonous carbon monoxide while they run. This is the reason it is recommended to have proper ventilation of these dryers. Proper installation reduces these risks, and a carbon monoxide indicator near the gas dryer can surely provide you mental peace.

Which Is More Energy-Efficient: Gas or Electric Dryers?

According to research in Energy Star, a government-backed program that guides people to learn about energy-efficient appliances. Your clothes dryer can probably be the most energy-hungry appliance in your home; even more than your refrigerator. So, if you’re spending on a new dryer, it’s better to learn about ways to save energy.

Overall, gas dryers are more efficient than electric dryers. That is because gas dryers heat up much more speedily and generate more heat.  Whereas an electric dryer takes longer to reach its hottest point and doesn’t get as hot. In the end, it utilizes more electricity for a longer duration thus it takes longer to tumble the clothes dry. If you want to save money on electricity, a gas dryer is probably a good choice.

Gas Dryer Repair Cape Cod

Whether it is an electric dryer or a gas one, both require proper maintenance and care for smooth functioning. A professional technician service of Gas Dryer Repair Cape Cod is required when DIY solutions fail. If you are a resident of Cape Cod and looking for same-day service for your dryer, no need to worry as Cape Cod Appliance Service can help you. We have well-trained technicians with years of maintenance experience who will help you out in a flash! Unless and until you have years of experience in the appliance repair business. You may not be able to finish your DIY repair at the same expert level as competent appliance technicians. If you’re an average person, you can hire us for the service of appliance repair from us. Our factory-trained technicians will ensure that all processes and spare parts are compliant with the manufacturer of your appliance.