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    How is regular dryer vent cleaning important to the health of your home and your checking account? As little as ½ inch of lint build-up in your vent can reduce your dryer efficiency by almost half, increasing energy costs. This may also lead to a dryer breakdown and you may have to get your dryer repaired. A dryer that has been inspected, cleaned and repaired can reduce the chance of overheating, hence prolonging the life of the dryer. At Cape Cod Appliance Service, we recommend getting your dryer inspected every 2 years to avoid any mishaps.

    When you call Cape Cod Appliance Service, we will perform a complete inspection from the connection at the back of your dryer to the exterior vent on your house. After a complete diagnosis, we provide you with a free gas or electric dryer repair estimate. When we perform the repair job, we not only fix the issues but we also take apart your dryer (if required) and clean the inside as well. This ensures your dryer performs just like new and works efficiently once the job is complete.

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    Cape Cod Appliance Service is proud to provide free estimates for dryer repair, replacement and new dryer installation service. We advise that regular dryer maintenance service should be a high priority for all homeowners. Every year an estimated 2,900 residential dryer fires are reported in the U.S. These fires cause multiple injuries, deaths and over $88,000,000 in property damage. Additionally, failure to repair your problematic dryer results in increased energy costs

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    Dust, fiber, and lint are the leading causes of dryer fires in residential buildings. This danger is highest in the fall and winter season, peaking in January. ‘Failure to repair’ is the leading cause of these fires. A gas dryer is especially dangerous when obstructed by lint or animal nesting, causing a harmful buildup of carbon monoxide which can leak from the venting throughout your home. Regular dryer inspection and repair will drastically reduce the risk of dryer fires and will help your dryer run more efficiently. Call Cape Cod Appliance Service today for your free dryer repair estimate. You can avail our same day repair service for your dryer if need be.

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    If your dryer is taking longer than normal to dry or doesn’t completely dry your clothes then there’s an issue. Your dryer vent may be clogged, a belt may be broken/out of order or a lack of sufficient heat. Another common hazard found in homes is the improper installation of the dryer. We also help in bringing your existing dryer into compliance. You also need to replace plastic vents, they are very dangerous and not up to fire code.

    If any of these issues concern you, Cape Cod Appliance Service will be happy to come and inspect your dryer for free. The inspection includes a free estimate for dryer repair or replacement. If required, we will assist you with our same day appliance repair service.

    Our technicians at Cape Cod Appliance are available to provide Same Day Service for any repair

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    Our technicians at Cape Cod Appliance are available to provide Same Day Service for any repair