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    We, at Cape Cod Appliance Service, are ready for any oven or range repair including cooktops, built-in microwave ovens or vent hoods. We service all makes and models. Your phone call will be personally handled during business hours and our 24-hour answering service is available for any emergency. Our customer service reps are trained to schedule a quick, efficient service call with one of our factory trained technicians. Our easily recognized Cape Cod Appliance Service vans are always stocked with factory certified parts, and we try to repair and/or restore your appliance within a single call. All of our work and parts are guaranteed.

    Cape Cod Appliance Service can handle any oven or range repair including but not limited to:

    • Oven not heating

    • Oven not lighting

    • Oven controls broken

    • Oven or cooktop cracked

    • Oven door hinges broken

    • Oven self-cleaning not functioning

    • Oven vent stuck in one position

    Check Your Oven Gaskets

    Without a proper seal, your oven can lose more than 20 percent of its heat. To check the seal's condition, open the oven door and locate the rubber or fiberglass gasket around the perimeter of the door. Feel for any broken, torn, or deformed areas, and close the door to see if you can find any leaks. If you do, call Cape Cod Appliance Service, we can replace it for you. Broken seals result in uneven temperature settings and will affect the way your food cooks. If you want further assistance, call us any time for same day service appliance repair.

    Recalibrate Your Oven Temperature Settings

    If you've checked oven door seals and your oven temperature still seems off or food isn't cooking properly, recalibrate the temperature settings. You will find instructions for your particular oven in your owner's manual or online at the manufacturer's website which you can search using your oven's model number. But if you would prefer a professional to recalibrate your oven, our technicians are factory trained to handle this task for you. If you try this yourself, you'll need to purchase a good quality oven thermometer at your local home goods store and follow the procedures in the manual. For a more detailed inspection and repair, avail our same day service for your ovens.

    Self-Cleaning Cycle

    For your own convenience, ensure that you schedule a self-cleaning cycle to keep appliances clean and running smoothly. Target as many areas as you can on ovens, cooktops and other surfaces. Be careful not to use abrasive pads on glossy, glass and shiny surfaces. Always use a cleaning product recommended by appliance makers. These can easily be bought in a local home goods, hardware or convenient stores.

    Clean Stovetop Drip Bowls

    Remove drip bowls under the burner elements and presoak them in a cleaning solution for five minutes. Hand wash and replace. Spills in drip bowls should be cleaned immediately.

    Cleaning Your Glass Cooktop

    In order to maintain a clean cooktop and avoid scratches, you should be very particular with cleaning products and methods. DO NOT USE abrasive cleansers, metal or nylon pads, chlorine bleach, ammonia, glass cleaner, oven cleaners or dirty sponges.

    We recommend you remove large spills before applying cooktop cleaner. Let the cleaner stand for a few minutes before scrubbing with a non-abrasive pad. Once the cooktop is clean, remove the residue with a clean, soft cloth.

    Clean Or Replace Dirty Range Hood Or Downdraft Vent Filters

    Vents need to be cleaned regularly and filters replaced once a year. Wash metal-mesh grease filters by hand in soapy water, or run them through the dishwasher. Charcoal or paper filters should be replaced. Do not wash them.

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