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    Give us a call at Cape Cod Appliance Service for any washing machine or dryer repair. Our expertise let us work on appliances of all models and makes. Whenever you give us a call, it will be handled personally by one of our customer service reps. They will schedule a quick and efficient service call for you with our factory trained technicians. Our 24-hour service is always approachable for any appliance repair emergency. We will dispatch our easily recognized and signature Cape Cod Appliance Service vans which are always fully stocked with factory certified parts. We aim to repair and restore your appliance in a single visit. All the parts we use and our work are guaranteed.

    Washers and dryers can transfer vibrations to your floor and throughout your house. If the machines are aligned properly and don't have any mechanical issues, you can try and stop the noise with a set of rubber anti-vibration pads. Purchase these pads at your hardware store and place them under the vibrating machine. In case you need assistance, reach us on our 24/7 helpline for same day service appliance repair.

    Cape Cod Appliance Service can handle any washing machine or dryer repair (gas or electric) including but not limited to:

    • Washing machine control panel broken

    • Washer or dryer has torn or cracked gasket

    • Washing machine not getting any water

    • Dryer not heating

    • Dryer won’t tumble

    • Broken door hinges or locks

    • Washer or dryer creating loud noises in drum during use

    • Washing machine won’t drain

    Inspect Washing Machine Hoses

    Most washing machine floods are caused by leaks in the hose. Check the hoses which are connected to the back panel on your washing machine for cracks, leaks, or weak spots. If you find any deformities, the hoses should be replaced. Regardless of their condition, the hoses should be completely replaced every five years.

    Your Clothes Dryer Isn't Heating Properly?

    If your dryer turns on and drum rotates but isn't generating any heat, check to make sure it isn't set on a non-heat setting such as 'fluff air'. Check your lint filter. Even if the filter looks clean, it is possible that it's covered in a nearly invisible film caused by dryer sheets. This film can prevent air flow and should be cleaned. You can test for this film by pouring water through the filter. If the filter holds water, the film is reducing airflow and forcing the thermostat to shut off the heat before clothes are dry. To clean the filter, run it under hot water, and using a stiff kitchen brush and a little laundry detergent, scrub until water flows through the filter.

    Clean The Dryer Exhaust Vent Attached To The Back Of Your Dryer

    Lint in the dryer exhaust not only reduces efficiency, it is a fire hazard too. To clean the exhaust, loosen the clamp and pull the exhaust off the back of the dryer. Remove large clumps of lint from the tubing and the fitting in the back of the dryer with your hands. If you can't reach it, gently scrape with a straightened coat hanger. Vacuum and then reattach. For same day service from Cape Cod Appliance, call us at any time during the day.

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