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How Do You Decide When Your Dishwasher Needs Repairs?

A majority of homeowners are unaware of tell-tale signs for when you need to repair your dishwasher. Do you know when repairs are needed? No? We got your back!

Many households in America use dishwashers to ease the monotonous process of cleaning dishes. It is a godsend for people who host often, or have big families. The working class rarely gets enough time to themselves, and doing dishes manually is just not possible for them.

Like most things in life, dishwashers are not perfect. They do break down from time to time, and need repairs.

The problem? Homeowners are not fully sure about when the dishwasher needs repairs done. Delaying repairs can damage the appliance and may lead to replacement. 

Some common questions that people ask about dishwasher repairs are;

Why is my dishwasher broken?

Need dishwasher maintenance tips? We have covered some good points in this blog

Just like any appliance, a dishwasher requires care and regular maintenance. Chances are you didn’t even read the part of the manual that tells you how to take care of it, let alone actually taking care of it. 

When best practices are not followed, over time, the dishwasher can start to malfunction. 

The list of reasons can be long, so it is advised to get an evaluation done by a reliable dishwasher repair service. 

How do you know when your dishwasher needs to be replaced?

8 out of 10 times, the issue can be resolved through repairs. 

Do yourself a favor and find competent appliance repair company that can save you money by fixing your dishwasher. 

It is not always clear to decide at what time you should opt for hiring the services of an appliance repair company. In some cases, people are quick to jump to the conclusion that their dishwasher broke down. 

If you too are unsure, and want to know if your dishwasher actually needs repairs, here are some red flags to look out for. 

1. It Won’t Power On

Before you start pulling your hair out, it is advised that you close the dishwasher door properly. If it is not properly closed, you may face power issues. 

If you have checked this, and it still won’t turn on, you should call a professional appliance repair service right away. Their representatives will run diagnostic processes to check the issue, and then fix it for good. 

2. Water Pumping Issues

There are two types of water pumping issues. Either the water refuses to pump in to the dishwasher, or it just won’t pump out of it. Try clearing out the stuff above the drain, which may be causing this issue. If the water still won’t clear out, you have to call in the dishwasher repairman.

3. Dishwasher Is Leaking

Now this is a concerning issue, because it creates a safety hazard in your kitchen. If the water leaks on to your kitchen floor, you may slip and hurt yourself. 

Make sure that the door is properly closed!

Why is your dishwasher leaking? There is a big chance that the door seal needs to be replaced. These seals tend to wear out over time, and cause such issues. There’s not much you can do if the seal is damaged, and calling for professional help is the best option. 

4. Dishwasher Makes Weird Noises 

Weird noises from your dishwasher are nothing less than a cry for help. 

No, I am not talking about the regular sound of the washing cycle. You will definitely know the difference.

Generally, these noises indicate that the motor is malfunctioning. There can be some other issues too. If you start hearing weird noises coming from your dishwasher, be quick to hire a professional repairing service. 

5. Dishwasher Won’t Clean the Dishes Properly

This can be very frustrating. I KNOW!! My inner Monica just shuddered at the thought of dirty dishes. 

As frustrating as it is, this might be the simplest issue to fix. Here’s what might be happening;

  • Problem: Dishwasher overloading. Solution: Stick to the maximum capacity guidelines to avoid this issue. 

Hopefully, this action will help solve this problem. If not, this indicates that there is an underlying issue with the dishwasher. Only a good professional with adequate experience can help you in this matter, so don’t hesitate to hire one. 

6. Dishes Are Not Drying 

Your dishes are supposed to be properly dried when they come out of the washing cycle. You should use Jet Dry for drying. If you have a new unit, it may require air drying.

Important note: Generally, plastics don’t dry well.

In case the issue is still there, there may be a problem with the heater. You should hire a professional to help resolve this issue.

If you are facing any of the above issues, we recommend that you call and book an appointment with Cape Cod Appliance Service

Sure, some of the problems listed above can be ignored. However, these issues lead to more problems and cause total malfunctioning sooner rather than later. If it gets to such a point, your only option will be to replace the whole appliance. 

If you don’t want to fork up money for a new dishwasher, it is better to identify and rectify the problem right when it starts. 

Did we miss any dishwasher related issue? Tell us about your problem in the comments section and we will tell you how to fix it! 

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